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Tupperware VentSmart Fridge Storage Containers; NanoNature Water Filtration System; Eco Bottles

Tupperware has introduced the modular VentSmart fridge storage solution. It helps your produce stay fresh longer by controlling the air ventilation in the container.

There's a slider that adjusts the air circulation vents to open, closed or half open, to complement the breathing patterns of the produce stored.

Fruits and vegetables fall into three categories based on the level of oxygen they demand.

Low respiratory produce like carrots, celery, cucumbers and grapes are stored with both vents sealed.

Medium respiratory produce include beans, cauliflower, lettuce and apples are stored with one vent open.

High respiratory produce such as broccoli, corn, brussels sprouts and artichokes do best with both vents open.

There are pictures of how to store different produce
There's a handy "cheat sheet" printed right on the side of the container. This food chart recommends which fruits and vegetables can be grouped that have similar breathing patterns. They even tell you what not to store! Tomatoes, eggplant, avocado and bananas don't need containers or refrigeration. I do wish I could find out about vegetables beyond what is shown though.

So does nifty ventilation thing this really work?

I did an experiment with my most troublesome items - spring onions and coriander. They rot and wilt so easily if you store them wrongly. Under the VentSmart system, these go into a box with vents that are half sealed, half closed.

Coriander and Spring Onions after almost three weeks
This is what they look like three weeks later! Still pretty fresh and alive. Well, most of the time, we use them up before a week or two is up. But it's nice to know you can keep your produce fresher for longer.

The curved sides and the built in grid at the bottom helps keep food away from moisture that leads to rotting and deterioration. The seals on the containers are pretty air and liquid-tight too, like most Tupperware items.

The containers stack neatly and nicely together. When not in use, they can be nested away to save space.

Tupperware VentSmart stores more veg in the fridge
My fridge's original vegetable compartments also have the air vent control system but the flimsy plastic cover just gave way. Well, I never have enough space for fruit and veg anyway, so these VentSmart containers really came in useful. There are several sizes to choose from to optimise space arrangement. Some of these can be a bit bulky, so plan your produce combinations wisely!

Here's a video on the VentSmart.

A set of the VentSmart Rectangular Set (A840) comprising two medium low containers and three small high containers (all of which are 1.8L in capacity) is S$92. You can also purchase the medium high container (4.4L) at S$34.60 with every purchase of the A840.

I also managed to try a sample of the filtered water from the NanoNature Water Filtration System (NNWFS). Wow, it tastes like FIJI Water! Clean, fresh and with a lovely mouthfeel.

Well, you know what our tap water tastes like. And what it used to be.

The NNWFS uses the same technology employed by NASA to purify space cabin water. Filters with NanoCeram technology remove 99.99% bacteria and viruses. Carbon blocks remove chlorine, heavy metals and contaminants while improving the taste and water clarity. Japanese Bakuhan rocks add 19 beneficial minerals and increase water alkalinity.

The upfront cost for system with filter cartridge and enhancement tank is S$1,290. The cost of filtered, purified and enhanced drinking water? Estimated at about 25.8 cents per litre (S$358 per 5000L).

Coupled with the Tupperware Eco Bottle (this I really like!), you can save a lot of mineral water bottles! Right now, I have two of the 500ml Lime coloured bottles (S$8) that my girls are using for school. The design is simple but elegantly functional. The screwtop cover seals tight, but is easy enough for kids to use. It's got a nice ergonomic grip, and a stable base.

Tupperware Brands’ VentSmart™ can be purchased at:

Tupperware Singapore
Address: 85 Defu Lane 10, #01-00, Singapore 539218
Tel: 6285 3988  

Tupperware Brands’ VentSmart™ is also available through an independent Tupperware Brands consultant situated in the following locations:

Tampines Hub
Blk 419 Tampines Street 41
#01-82, Singapore 520419
Tel: 6789 8133 
  Toa Payoh Hub
  Blk 94 Toa Payoh Lorong 4  
  #01-10, Singapore 310094 
  Tel: 9633 5008
Yishun Hub
Blk 769 Yishun Ave 3,
#01-279 Singapore 760769
Tel: 9781 6521

West Coast Hub
Blk 505 West Coast Drive
#01-214, Singapore 120505
Tel: 9368 5252

  Woodlands Hub
  No. 268 Woodlands Point, #04-02
  Woodlands Central Road, Singapore 738931
  Tel: 9271 1406



  1. What a wonderful storage idea to get your fridge organized! Lord knows I need these in my fridge pronto!

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    1. manjeman...sure, you can share the post on FB!

  3. wow, these containers are so nice. I actually like that they come in different sizes. But I'm afraid I'm late to the party


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