Saturday, May 31, 2014

Newton Roast - Crispy Pork Belly and Pork Knuckle Roasted on Demand!

UPDATE 7 Aug 2014: Newton Roast has moved out of Newton Circus and is looking for new premises. It should be back in two months time. 

Pork knuckle with insane crackling

Oh roast pork...what odes we sing to you. Is there a better way to enjoy the pig than with insane crackling and juicy tender meat within? Well-marinated, savoury meeeeeat. This is the KO German Knuckle (S$39.90) from Newton Roast at #01-51 Newton Food Centre. It promises to floor your palate. Oh, your own knuckles will buckle. Just surrender, there is no point resisting.

Roast pork belly

Its Asian cousin, the Six-Pack Belly (S$33.90, about 500g) is no less formidable. These have been given a thorough rub with a proprietary blend of herbs and seasoning before being roasted to crispy perfection. They cheekily call it a deep-tissue massage before a hot workout.

Awesome beer snacks! What's better than hot and crispy roast pork?

These are not your run-of-the-mill measly cold pieces of roast pork that go with rice. These freshly roasted mega chunks are designed to go with ice cold beer. Best beer snack ever!

In fact, one of Newton Roast's selling point is you can order your roast pork online and they will roast it just in time for you to pick up. Select a pick up time available from the website (make sure you give them two hours notice) and you'll get instant SMS confirmations.

So whether you enjoy them at the hawker centre or at home, it's crispy and juicy to the bite.

With the World Cup coming soon, these would make an amazing party treat!

The Loose Ones - roast pork belly (large plate, S$15)

The Loose Ones - roast pork belly (large plate, S$15). Most of us found this really easy to eat, with its smaller bite-size chunks. The meat is still very moist and yields easily, while the crispy crackling is just something you can't get enough of.

Roast Pork Knuckle

The Half Pork Knuckle (S$23.90) provides more meat-chomping satisfaction. Larger pieces and some bone to gnaw on. The meats are served with sauerkraut, mustard, brown sauce, and most ingeniously...a kickass sambal belachan! Wow, I have never tried roast pork with sambal belachan before, but I have to say the heavens opened up and granted an epiphany. It's LOVE!

Akan datang: upcoming product - same roast pork belly but different scoring and preparation

They have got another roast pork product coming up! This gigantic slab is the same pork belly as in the Six-Pack, but they used a different method of scoring and seasoning. I can't wait to see what this will be like! Gosh, I could never get this kind of super-popped crackling at home - probably because I'm too lazy with scoring the skin adequately - but it is still fun roasting pork as experiments.

Top of the line Rational oven used to roast the little piggies

I had a quick chat with owner Casey Ong on what it takes to get such good results consistently. Besides quality pork from a trusted supplier, they use state-of-the-art Rational combi ovens from Germany widely reputed to be the top rotisserie oven in the world. Talk about industrial strength! It can churn out a lot of roast pork slabs at a time too. All the roasting is done onsite, and they have chefs with 15 years culinary experience who designed the proprietary marinade.

Newton Roast Prices

What I like about this stall is - they focus on doing one thing only, and one thing well. That's what too many other food businesses fail to do - they spread themselves too thin and don't really have a stellar selling product.

One final look at the roast pork belly...oooh.

Newton Roast Cheeky Copy

I like the playful way they sell themselves too. But all that is pointless unless their roast pork is good. And fortunately, it is seriously good.

Newton Roast #01-51,
Newton Circus Food Centre,
500 Clemenceau Avenue,
Singapore 229495
Open daily
Mon-Sat 2pm to 11:30pm
Sun 2pm to 9.30pm


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