Thursday, November 21, 2013

My New Fitness Role Model - Melissa Sarah Wee!

Last night at dinner, my friend showed me her niece. My eyes bugged out and my jaw dropped so low I couldn't put it back. This is Melissa Sarah Wee. Photo from her Facebook fan page (go and like it!)

Holy cow, people, that is almost zero % body fat on that torso! She's got an 8-pack that would put most guys to shame!

Nah, HERE - this is MY eight-pack (haha lol@P90X!). OK, I have a giant one-pack. Man, I have slacked a bit in my workouts because of the recycled (and reinforced!) flu/cough/whatnot bugs the kids have been happily carting home from school. But I need to get back some momentum. God, do I need that.

Melissa has a great blog at where she talks about her fitness and diet experiences. She's quite funny too. Follow her on Instagram (she has 28K followers!).

I'm very curious about her cyclical ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting.

By the way, she's not a bodybuilder. She's a teacher. Yes. Whoa, the kids must really toe the line when she's in session!

Melissa joins The Rock as my fitness role model. Every time I feel lazy or can't push myself, I just have to look at pics like this...and be totally ashamed.

I'm not training to be like these guys. I just like being inspired by their extreme determination.

And seriously, women...some of you fear working out or lifting weights will make you look like this. Puh lease. It takes phenomenal effort, knowhow and discipline to get anywhere remotely NEAR this.

OK, next to working out is clean eating...that's gonna be hard with Christmas round the corner. But it's easier to say "No" when there's a bigger "YES!" inside.

Happy balancing food with fitness, y'all!


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