Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Easy Recipe for Gulai Kambing (Spiced Mutton Stew)

Ever try to make a gulai from scratch at home? Yes, the rich, spicy curry-like stew. Well, I never did until this week, because I was sure it involved elaborate ingredients plus labyrinthine procedures. But hey, turns out it's not that difficult. Yes, a couple of things may be hard to find (daun salam?) but they are available in the local markets.

There are many types of gulai and recipes vary widely. I interviewed some folks and jotted down a recipe that's pretty easy for home cooks. If you have cooked curry before, you'll find it's quite similar.

Full recipe on my story in Yahoo Makanation just out:

I used mutton, but you can substitute with other meats. Hope you guys have a great Hari Raya and National Day long weekend ahead!



  1. Hi Catherine! Quite a rare recipe post from you?! :D

    I love mutton curry especially those with thick gravy.. like in nasi briyani! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Omg, I looooove mutton curry. Thank you so much for sharing. This looks perfect!


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