Thursday, June 6, 2013

World Street Food Congress Jamboree - Some of the 37 Dishes to Check Out!

Have you gone yet to the World Street Food Congress Jamboree with its 37 specially chosen street food masters from around the world? Save yourself a trip to as many as ten different countries to try their signature street food, because the world has traveled to you!

Here's my write-up on some of the dishes that I really liked at this street food festival.

My top three favourites - Noma owner Claus Meyer's Porc sandwich with juicy pork, crispy crackling, apple slices, gherkins, creamy yoghurt-cider-mayo on organic bread; the Hoy Tord (crispy griddle-fried seafood-egg pancake much like or luak), and the shisamo sambal that comes with Pisang Roa. But even the closer regional fare like Penang rojak is amazingly good.

What I do notice is that different people had totally different reactions to the same dish, so just go and try for yourself something even if someone didn't like it. Or temper your reactions if someone raved about something.

It's a great outing for a group of foodie friends - go with more people to try more food! The ones you like, you can go back and have more helpings of! There's indoor seating and lots of space. Paper tissues are available at the drinks/beverages tents, which can also make you your favourite local coffee/tea in addition to providing soft drinks and beer.

From now til Friday Update (waiver extended to the whole weekend!): Just tell them you are "Patricia's guest" and get the S$8 entry fee waived! Also students get S$10 off the entry ticket pass, and senior citizens automatically get in free. Just bring respective IDs.

Enjoy! There are also music concerts at night. It looks a lot more festive in the evenings too. The F1 Paddock and Building is right by the Singapore Flyer.


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  1. It was fun I really liked the Vietnamese Banana Rice rolls!


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