Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Menya Musashi Revisited: Tsukemen, Bukotsu Mori Ramen and Tongari Rice

Triple portion Tsukemen

We were all hungry one evening after an event. It was late, almost 10pm, and most eateries were shut or closing. But growling tummies demanded real food, not 24-hour fast food. Fortunately one of us hit on the idea of Menya Musashi just nearby. You can't argue with ramen, one of the best supper foods!

They were kind enough to let us in, but kept reminding us they were closing in 10 minutes (and counting!). Ah well, nothing like eating with a stopwatch, eh? Luckily it was rubber timing too, meaning it stretched another ten minutes graciously for us to finish our food.

Leroy of the four stomachs chose the triple portion Tsukemen (S$14.90). Yes, they allow you to choose up to five portions worth of noodles. The 360g that came was pretty sizeable, so we were glad we didn't opt for the maximum five!

He had the black dipping sauce, which was a power broth of complex savoury flavours, with a strong hint of seaweed.

Bukotsu Mori Ramen - limited period promotion

I had opted for the Bukotsu Mori (S$16.90), which is a limited time promotion that gives you two servings each of chashu, kakuni and runny egg.  My black broth (soup version) tasted very bland by comparison. This really puzzled me, as it seems very different from what I had a year ago - see story here:

Back then we all had thought the black broth was by far the best. Today it isn't anymore. It tastes like the white one, strangely. Did someone put squid ink in mine?

Anyway, this was a very rich bowl of ramen. Nice noodles, but my chashu and kakuni were very fatty, and I couldn't finish them.

Single portion tsukemen with red broth

I found myself also preferring the red broth's taste. Gently spicy with some miso flavours in the background. This is the single noodle portion of the Tsukemen that Calvin chose. OK, next time, I'm having the tsukemen, and I hope nothing changes!

Tongari rice

Julia wasn't too hungry, so she went for the Tongari Rice (S$5.90) side dish, which was a nice find. This at first resembles Taiwanese braised pork rice 滷肉飯  (Lu Rou Fan), except that the pork looks like pulled pork and is much leaner. But oh what intense flavours  - the pork must have been stewed for a very long time! Together with the rice, this is a real bowl of comfort.

Menya Musashi's expanded quite rapidly within a year. They now have four stores - ION Singapore, The Star Vista and Thomsom Plaza.

#01-16 Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6336-6500
Open daily 11:30am-10pm

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