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Jeliquor - Awesome Cocktail Jellies, Plus Giveaway! Adults Only, Please!

For readers 18 and above only! Younger readers, please tell your mom/dad/older friends!
Update: Due to overwhelming response, Jeliquor sold out on some flavours when readers went to check out the shop. Chantal has now extended the S$25/box offer to 50 customers, beyond the original 30. But do make reservations ahead to avoid disappointment!

Jeliquor is at Albert Court Village Hotel shopping mall

I love this shop!

Finally! A startup that's bucking the cupcake trend and making something good out of something different! Jeliquor - these little cups of joy are cocktail jellies, indeed liquored desserts that will put a smile on your face and more than a tingle on your tongue. Great for big raucous parties or a private romantic dinner.

Say hello to Chantal Han who started this little venture. She's the one who designs and hand-makes these jelly delights piece by piece. They come in various strengths to suit different preferences, but in general, are not meant to make you sloshed. Still, Chantal is not stingy with the booze. I was flushed as pink as a Chinese opera singer in less than 30 minutes after testing (yes, just testing, not even finishing) all eight flavours. But that's just me and my horribly low threshold for alcohol.

Let's take a look at each of the flavours.

Summer Breeze range - Jagerbomb and Sourz Apple
Summer Breeze range 
Jagerbomb (S$3.90) and Sourz Apple (S$4.50)

The Jagerbomb really tastes like the drink you get in lounges, but in a fun jelly form. It's pretty light and you can finish one very easily. The Sourz Apple is deceptively strong, despite its refreshing appearance. Nice cubes of nata de coco help and that sour slice of lime help to add even more dimension to taste and texture.

You'll see on the website that there's another flavour - Singapore Sling - but Chantal is tweaking the design at the moment, so we'll see it only later in the shops.

Exotic Aroma range - (top to bottom) Tiramisu, Baileys Latte, Expresso Martini
Exotic Aroma range (top to bottom): 
Tiramisu (S$4.20), Baileys Latte (S$4.50), Expresso Martini (S$4.20)

These coffee-based jellies go very well with the elements of cream, and are all moderately strong in terms of liquor content. The tiramisu is probably the mildest, but I like the way it tastes just like the dessert without any cake/biscuit in it. The Baileys Latte comes in a cute cup-like form, and the Expresso is the strongest in terms of coffee flavour.

Lychee martini, Strawberry Cheesecake martini, Bailey's Mint Chocolate martini jellies
Martini Affairs range (left to right):
Lychee martini (S$3.90), Strawberry Cheesecake martini (S$4.20), Baileys Mint Chocolate martini (S$4.50)

Simple though it is, I like the Lychee martini for the plump juicy fruit within the light jelly. The Strawberry Cheesecake martini is most unusual, because it actually contains cheesecake and crust beneath the jelly. And don't underestimate the Baileys Mint Chocolate -- there's lots of liquor in that one, along with decadent chocolate!

Now, I have to confess, I am not good with alcohol, so I ran these jellies past someone who knows his drinks, who is also MOST FUSSY with eating and the greatest CYNIC of new products - my husband. The ultimate test. Really, there is very little he likes.

From the very first piece, his eyes flew open. He was impressed. After a few more pieces, he said, "Wow, now I know what I want for Christmas!"

Oh my God! You can imagine the confetti going off in my mind!

Very nice gift boxes in amethyst jewel tones
Yes, these would make very nice Christmas presents indeed. Jeliquor also has very nice gift boxes in amethyst jewel tones. Number of jellies contained are indicated in Roman numerals below the logo. I love the branding - it's regal without being overwrought, and it's very, very pink (!!!) but in a sophisticated way, not the pre-pubescent Hello Kitty bubble gum manner.

And yes, I mentioned giveaway! You can win a box of nine cocktail jellies, worth S$37.80

Box of cocktail jellies!

All you have to do is "Like" the Jeliquor facebook page (convenient button below), like and share this photo on their Facebook album from 1 Dec to 15 Dec 2012. Add a comment if you like. They will track the shares and three lucky winners will be chosen at the end of the period. Easy peasy!

Offer no. 2: You can also buy the box of nine for at a special rate of $25 instead of $37.80 when you quote "Camemberu" from 1 Dec to 8 Dec 2012. Limited to first 30 50 customers only. Do make reservations ahead, as quantities are limited (they are handmade, after all!).

If you're racking your brain for something cool to add to the year end festive parties (whether your own or someone else's), take a look at Jeliquor. I recommend going to their shop to try the flavours and see which ones you like, or you can register and order online. These babies are better than cupcakes, anytime!

JELIQUOR    (Facebook page)
Albert Court Village Hotel
180 Albert Street #01-18
Singapore 189971
Tel: +65 6333-5866
Open daily except Thursdays
12:00pm to 8.30pm

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