Friday, November 11, 2011

Bar-hopping at Changi Airport

Cointreaupolitan from Harry's Bar

Yes, let's continue with our bar-hopping adventure at Changi Airport that began with dinner and drinks at Hard Rock Cafe. We covered seven locations across three terminals (inside departure and transit area)...and we have some 26 drinks to show you. Obviously, I do not recommend you imbibe all of them in one sitting. But it's good to know you won't be short of options after checking in or during a layover.

Changi Airport has over 100 F&B outlets
There are more than 100 F&B outlets at Changi Airport. Have I told you I love the airport?

After dinner, we dropped by the Singapore Straits Bar at Terminal 3. It's near the Hard Rock Cafe.

The Singapore Straits Bar is part of the Harry's Bar chain
The bar is a cosy place with pool table and live band. As it's owned by Harry's Bar, the drink menu is pretty much the same. You probably are familiar with Harry's - they are everywhere.

Harry's Bar at the Cactus Garden, Terminal 1
And yes, there is a Harry's Bar at Changi Airport too, at Terminal 1. The setting is the lovely Cactus Garden, which features over 40 species from all over the world, including exotic blooms and prehistoric Cycads.

Drinks from Harry's Bar (L-R): Dirty Harry, Dry Martini, Margarita, Singapore Sling, Jungle Juice
This is the line-up we had at Harry's Bar (L-R): Dirty Harry, Dry Martini, Margarita, Singapore Sling, Jungle Juice. We liked Jungle Juice a lot - a winning blend of banana liquer, Malibu, Midori melon liquer, lime juice and pineapple juice. The bartender also mixed for us a special Cointreaupolitan (first photo above). It's Cointreau, cranberry and lime, flavoured with a slice of orange peel that the bartender set aflame briefly to release the citrusy aromatic oil.

Swimming Pool Bar, Terminal 1
Changi Airport seems to have everything. There is a swimming pool in the transit hotel at Terminal 1, and you can pop in for a drink beside the cool waters. It's free entry even if you are not a hotel guest; you only pay to use the pool (S$13.91 nett per person, includes one drink). They have a very sweet Singapore Sling here, along with stiffer drinks like Johnny Walker Black Label and brandy.

Hari's Pub at Terminal 2
Over at Terminal 2, there's Hari's Pub or Bar, not to be confused with Harry's Bar. It's tucked away at the back. Smokers will probably find relief here too, given the smoking room.

Surprisingly, the House Beer is the best thing I liked here. Tastes like honey!
The house beer is surprisingly delicious! It almost tastes like honey, really smooth and easy on the palate.

Drinks from Hari's Pub (L-R): Limelight, Fuzzy Navel, House Beer, Negroni, Green Ice
Drinks from Hari's Pub (L-R): Limelight, Fuzzy Navel, House Beer, Negroni, Green Ice. The Negroni is quite strong, but it also comes in a "lighter" version mixed with soda. Green Ice is pretty nice. But the beer still reigns.

O'Learys at Terminal 2
Not too far away is O'Learys Sports Bar, where you can drink and dine surrounded by sports memorabilia and TV screens. There is also an O'Learys at the Singapore Flyer, I believe.

Quesadillas from O'Learys
Food is always a good idea with drinks. We went for their signature chicken quesadillas to line the tummy.

Kir Royale at O'Learys Sports Bar
Kir Royale at O'Learys. Cassis-spiked champagne.

Tiger Signature Bar and Lounge at Terminal 2
The last stop is the Tiger Signature Bar and Lounge at Terminal 2. Clever of Tiger to set up here and give an international audience a taste of Singapore brew.

Tiger Crystal and their version of the Singapore Sling
Tiger Crystal and their version of the Singapore Sling, which the bar claims is close to the original.

Mixed Platter: Cheese sticks, chicken wings, onion rings and fries
More food. Drinking is a good excuse to eat greasy food! Mixed Platter: Cheese sticks, chicken wings, fries and onion rings (or were they calamari? By this time all is fuzzy).

Besides bars, there are plenty of leisure and entertainment options.

Free movie screenings all day, all night!
We passed by the Movie Theatre that screens all day, all night. Next time, I'm checking in 24 hours early...

Changi Airport Terminal 3 has a Butterfly Garden
Changi Airport is also lush with nature. In addition to the Cactus Garden, there is a Fern Garden, Orchid Garden and interestingly, a Butterfly Garden (a world's first) at Terminal 3, which even has a 6m waterfall.  The lifespan of butterflies is really short - just a few days, so pupae are brought in from Penang regularly. You can even view these pupae and see the butterflies emerge.

Life saver!
And while you eat and drink, feed your phone some juice too. Little lockers with chargers - what life-savers! Especially if you haven't tweaked your new iPhone 4S to not drain its charge so quickly.

Promos at Changi Airport
Incidentally, November 2011's theme for Fabulous Fridays at Changi Airport is liquor. Spend a minimum of S$30 by VISA or S$60 by any other means, and enjoy the featured product of the week at a special rate - up to 90% off! Plus the Millionaire Draw is back.

Enjoy it all - I'm sure you guys know how to drink responsibly.

Update: for an even more detailed account, check out Keropokman's post!

Many thanks to Mandy and Jonas of Changi Airport for hosting us on this epic bar-hopping journey!


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  2. I love going to Changi Airport too! :)

  3. Yes, FoodieFC, free charging but I notice the iPhone docks were all full! And free movies...they have a clock inside, so you don't miss your flight!

    Miso: Yeah, we have a great airport, seriously.

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