Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Win a Trip to Fiji with FIJI Water!


FIJI Water is delicious!

I have never believed in buying fancy bottled water, but after trying some, I just fell in love with FIJI Water. It's got this smooth mouthfeel and has no funny taste (like Evian has) or that raspy chlorine aftertaste (that tapwater has). This is natural artesian water that's rich in minerals after seeping through layers of rocks which also filter it from contaminants. Apparently FIJI Water has beauty benefits too, as it's a good source of silica (good for skin, hair, bones and nails) plus electrolytes.

It's not too expensive either. FIJI Water retails in 3 sizes: 1000ml (S$3.00), 500ml (S$1.60) and 330ml (S$1.25). You can get it at Carrefour, Cold Storage, Watson's, Unity Pharmacy and 7-Eleven outlets.

And now they have a contest where you can win a trip to Fiji! Just buy at least two bottles of FIJI Water on a single receipt (from the outlets above) and SMS the following information to phone no. 9111 2000:

< FIJI > space < name > space < NRIC > space < last 4 digits of receipt number > space < email > space < postal code >

I want to go to Fiji too!!!!


  1. I want to go to Fiji as well :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Make that me for Fiji too! (Wouldn't be it be great to visit the original source for the water?)


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