Saturday, March 6, 2010

Go! Go! Curry!

Go! Go! Curry! Takeaway box
I have to post this. During my last Japan trip in 2007, we hunted high and low for Go!Go!Curry! in Shinjuku. We saw the signature yellow logo but for the oddest reason, could not find the right staircase or lift to go up. It was late and we were tired, so we abandoned our quest.

Little did I expect the yellow Go! Go! Gorilla to come to Singapore.

Pork katsu curry - the dark curry is more like stew
OK, this is what the "Economy Class" takeaway (S$12.50) looks like. The different "classes" (Healthy, Economy, Business, First) just refer to amount of rice, not size of katsu. The laminated paper box is sturdy enough to take the curry poured over the cutlet and rice.

Tastewise - we were expecting curry but were slightly taken by surprise as it's more like a thick beef stew. It's not bad, once you get over that expectation. Flavours are robust and hearty. Just not very curry-like. The meat is pretty good quality and the rice is short-grain Japanese rice. No shortcuts, I'm glad. But I still wonder what the Shinjuku experience would have been like.

ION Orchard Outlet
2 Orchard Turn
#B4-55 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
Tel: 6509 4555

313@somerset Outlet
#05-01 Stall 24 Food Republic
313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895
Tel: 68366855


  1. it's terrible once an opportunity is missed then it keeps one wondering how it would have felt - good or bad, it can still make you climb the walls not knowing.. i am like that! LOL.
    anyway, it's a good thing the box is curry proof, how awful if it leaked sauce onto your lap as you ate! LOL. I personally do not like Jap curry. too sweet!

  2. Hello camemberu, I was reading your post on when you bought your DSLR. Just wondering how u find the 400D? I'm thinking of getting the 500D, do you have any advice?

  3. Cumi & Ciki: Haha, yes, the "what it could have been" factor! And curry-proof! I like that word! Yeah, Jap curry is a bit too sweet for me too...but hubby loves it, what to do. This was more for him. hehe

    Sam: Hi, everyone I know who has the 500D more or less loves it. A lot of food bloggers now use that - you can see their photos. It's got a lot more features (like HD video!) than my old 400D. You can't go too far wrong with it as a starter DSLR. But then again, some say Nikon is also just as good if not better. Depends on who you talk to. I'm just used to Canon (although I hate their point-and-shoot digicams).

  4. Icic, yeah the 500D certainly looks very good! I'll most probably get that one when I go back to singapore, not really a fan of nikon tho :)

    Thanks for your advice!

  5. btw, it's Sam from yummie dummies! i hope to start a new food blog at the end of the year :) hope you'll drop by then

  6. My debut was memorable. Had the whole 'grand slam' to myself! Haha! I agree that it was more like a stew but still nice. I just wish that they are more generous wif the curry.

  7. Hey Sam, it's you! So you're gonna blog again, that's great! Does that mean you are also back from Australia for good?

    Nic: Yes, it's still nice and I agree, they should give more curry - the quantity rankings should be for curry and not rice! :P

  8. Haha, nope still gonna be in Aussie, I guess its Aussie food then :)

    Hopefully I can start by next year; due to study commitments.

    Glad to see you're doing well though!


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