Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Asmah Laili's "Tanya Mami" (Ask Mummy) DVD Contest

Asmah Laili's "Tanya Mami" (Ask Mummy) Cooking DVD
Local celebrity cookshow host Asmah Laili has her first DVD out! I like her, she's very detailed,  meticulous, and clearly loves preparing food to feed loved ones. Sometimes she reminds me of a "nenek yang suka berleter" (a granny who loves to nag) but one whom you totally cherish and adore.

My mom-in-law and my domestic helper used to be hooked on Indonesian drama series like "Hikmah" and various other Suria channel programs, so we inevitably came across Asmah Laili in her popular "Dapur Mami" (Mummy's Kitchen) cooking shows. It's not showing anymore, but with "Tanya Mami" we can continue to enjoy her motherly coaching and cooking demos.

Recipes in the 125-minute DVD include Orange Roast Chicken, Nasi Ayam Penyek, Pineapple Laksa, Kampung Grilled Fish, Fresh Mango Salad, Spicy Peanut Butter Crabs, Mami's Casserole, various pastas and even a drink called Slurpy Joe!

I did not know until watching the bio in the DVD that Asmah Laili is actually such a broadcast industry veteran. She started with Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (wow, remember SBC?) in 1959 and was one of the first people to say "This is Singapore television." Asmah has even received various awards and medals for her involvement in broadcasting. But what's most heartwarming are her recollections about family and advice from her mother.

The "Tanya Mami" DVD is in Malay but comes with English, Japanese, Malay and Mandarin subtitles and commentary. There's also a full-colour booklet of the 18 recipes (in both English and Malay) for easy reference in the kitchen.

The DVD retails at S$24.90 at:
- Toko Warisan (Joo Chiat Complex)
- HMV (Heeren & Citylink)
- Muzika Records
- Kampung Glam Café
- Museum Shop by Banyan Tree (Asian Civilization Museum, Peranakan Museum and National Museum)

Postage is free if the readers in Singapore would like to purchase the DVD from production house Muse Pte Ltd directly. They also provide a fixed postage for orders anywhere in the world (S$29.90).

So yes, as the title of the post states, it's a contest and I am very happy to have five copies of the DVD to give out to you. Just answer the two questions below:

1. "Tanya Mami" can be enjoyed in four languages - English, Malay, Mandarin and Japanese. True or False?

2. Name any one of the places where you can get "Tanya Mami"

First five people to comment with correct answers win. I will announce them in the comments as well, so standby to send me your mailing address!

Now I must go check out her cookbooks...


  1. Hi,

    1. True

    2. HMV (Heeren & Citylink)

  2. Answers:
    1) True
    2) Museum Shop by Banyan Tree


  3. Hello,

    I don't know if you accept overseas answers (I'm in France) but no worries if you don't

    2-Kampung Glam Café

    Love your blog and thank you for doing it :oD

  4. Here are my answers:

    1. True
    2. Muzika Records


  5. 1. True
    2. Muzika Records


  6. Hi, thanks for the fast responses!

    Winners are:
    1. Wen
    2. Momo
    3. Pickles_cat - I'll check with Muse to see if they are willing to send a copy to you (they did not specify Singapore residents only, so there may be a chance).
    4. Sue
    5. Poisonivy

    John/Poh Suan - you're on the waitlist. If Pickles_cat doesn't qualify, then you're next in line!

    Everyone else, please email me ( your name and mailing address to forward to Muse Pte Ltd who will send you the DVD!

  7. Seems like I'm too late. Thought of getting for my mom who loves cooking. Too bad.

  8. Thank you very much for checking ;o)

  9. Hi Pickles_cat, good news! Muse will send you the DVD, please email me your mailing address to pass to them.

    Wen, yours is the only other address I haven't got. I may need to let the DVD go to someone else if there is no response by 3 March. Thanks!

  10. Hi Catherine,

    I had emailed on the 25/2. I just resent again.


  11. Hello,

    I've sent my address through to you.

    Thank you and Muse very much


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