Monday, February 16, 2009

TD25 - What Will You Defend?

Did you hear the siren yesterday? It goes off every year at noon on 15 February, a reminder of how Singapore fell to the Japanese in 1942. Singapore commemorates Total Defence every year on this day. But this year, on its 25th anniversary, it's engaging the public in a different way. Instead of telling you, it's asking you. What you will defend?

We saw the event and exhibit yesterday at Suntec City. It even had a musical, which was not too bad. There's a boatload of activities too. I liked the posters of Quentin Pereira (still yet to try out his restaurant) and Yip Pin Xiu, the swimmer with muscular dystrophy.

Nadine at one of the Walls of Cards
Nadine sitting at a wall of pledge cards - it's one of many.

Jolie's card on what she will defend
Here's Jolie's card on what she will defend. Nadine's card is somewhere out there too, but we couldn't find it - they had so many cards!

Nadine and Jolie had a ball on the life-sized board game. I had a hard time pulling them away from the colourful squares. All in all, it was a fun day out.


  1. Nardine is so adorable.. :) did Jolie say she will defend her? tts so cute...

  2. hmm how old is jolie? didn't know she can write already!

  3. hi all, wonder if anyone is interested in purchasing corrugated pizza boxes suitable for 12-inch pizzas. ideal for home pizza-makers. only S$0.45/box. free delivery in Singapore. desperately trying to offload 500 boxes that's piling at home. I've passed the pizza-making phase, and don't know what to do with hundreds of boxes. drop me a note at my blog if you are interested or are able to help (there's a picture of the box). thanks.

  4. It is so sweet that Jolie actually thinks about her sister...

  5. Did anyone say they were going to defend our economy? Another bs distraction stint to steer us away from more troubling issues.


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