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ToTT Taste Challenge

Blindfolded and ready for the ToTT Taste Challenge
ToTT just celebrated its third anniversary. Did you guys go to the ToTT Taste Challenge? Fifty people did! And yes, a few extra people like some food bloggers joined in the fun too. (Note: guy next to me here is a real participant though)

It was a blindfolded test where we were given 20 ingredients to taste and guess. I was stumped by some stuff like raw young avocado, tartar sauce and teriyaki sauce. Oh, and a very dry piece of basil, which tasted like a flower petal to me.

And a final round of five dishes (all of which are served at the ToTT Bistro), where we were to guess which ingredient (out of a list of four given) are not involved in the flavours in the tasting. Like laksa gravy - if I remember correctly, we had to pick from coconut, dried shrimp, chilies, coriander. Answer was coriander. Oh the gravy was very tasty, so it almost was distracting. I got the answer mostly by elimination. Haha.

Our tools - blindfold, whiteboard, marker and FIJI water!
Our equipment - blindfold, whiteboard, marker and water! That thick blindfold really blocks everything, and it was so cushy, I almost felt like sleeping. Ah, FIJI Water - always yummy (my favourite, in terms of bottled water). Was it hard to write blindfolded? No, surprisingly not at all. However, whether my handwriting was easy to probably another matter.

(photo of contest in session, courtesy of ToTT; must have been a Nikon camera)

Everyone blindfolded was given a spoon or cup of the mystery ingredient. Unlike at NOX, where it was fun guessing what we were tasting out loud, here we had to keep silent. There were some really hilarious answers though, like "Goodness, what I am eating?" or "Yuck" and "Unicorn tears!"

The prizes worth S$3333 from ToTT and S$200 from Jasons
It was all very fun, but the prizes were serious stuff. Imagine this entire haul worth S$3333 from ToTT plus a S$200 hamper from Jasons the Gourmet Grocer.

Jasons the Gourmet Grocer is also now at ToTT
Yes, Jasons is now here! So you can pick up things for dinner right along with your new cooking/baking utensils from ToTT!

Speaking of which, this is a great time to pick some stuff up, because the whole store is on 10 per cent off! Their 3rd anniversary sale sees items up to 50% per cent off! Watch out for weekly deals too. Check their Facebook page for details. This week there's a Cuisinart coffee grinder/maker I wanna pick up!

These girly gadgets are so cute!
And some really cute gadgets for little ones. Check out these mini doughnut / tea cake makers and ice cream makers. Faster than the oven.

These happy face pancake griddles will perk up breakfast time!
Look at these smiley face pancake griddles! These would make any mornings a cheery one.

Silpat silicone baking mats for macarons!
Hey, Silpat silicone baking mats specially for macarons!

Pizza peels!
And after buying one of these pizza peels, I will start wanting to build a woodfire oven in my kitchen.

I got a pizza baking stone!
OK, better not be so ambitious. I picked up a pizza baking stone instead. Only S$29 or so!

I also picked up some flatware
I also needed some very practical stuff like flatware. For some reasons my spoons go missing a lot. Hmm.

Oooh, aburi goodies and creme brulee? You'll need this torch...
Oh a blow torch for aburi goodies, melted cheese, and creme brulee! You not only get to play with food, but with fire as well! Well, for adults only, of course. But that won't stop the kid in us from clapping with glee.

Lots of activities for kids - balloon maker and face painting too
There are lots of activities for the children during the anniversary celebrations too. Balloons and face painting always make little ones happy.

Anyway, back to the contest...did you wonder who would win?

More than 50 people participated in the ToTT Taste Challenge
When I took this shot, I did not know that the winner would be right there.

The winner of the ToTT Taste Challenge (in peach) and the ToTT Director Grace Tan (in purple)
It was Ms Praise Naguit (in peach shirt), a preschool teacher. She had 20 out of 25 items correct. Here she is all aglow with her prizes, together with Grace Tan (in purple dress), Director, Tools of The Trade (ToTT).

Well after all that excitement, we were hungry! So we checked out ToTT Bistro, and I realise the menu has changed quite a bit since I last ate here!

So many new things look interesting, and it was hard to choose at first. Then we remembered the blindfold tastings and how the laksa and meesiam both were pretty yummy.

Laksa with Crayfish and Shredded Chicken
I definitely had to try the full Laksa with Crayfish and Shredded Chicken (S$13.90). Oh man, no wonder this is the bestseller here. It is glorious. Man, Gordon Ramsay should have taken tips from these guys while facing 328 Katong Laksa head on.

Pepper Crayfish Hor Fun
The Pepper Crayfish Hor Fun (S$12.90) looks good too, for hor fun fans. Next time I'm having this.

Fish and Chips
Fish and chips (S$10.90) - crispy battered fish, coleslaw, and fries.

Cold angel hair pasta with garlic prawns, sundried tomato and caviar
Jacob had the Cold angel hair pasta with garlic prawns, sundried tomato and caviar (S$10.90). Garlic, prawns and seaweed...sounds good to me!

Truffle Fries
They also have Truffle Fries (S$7.90) with two dips. These were laced generously with truffle oil, but would have been perfect if just a little more golden brown (but that's just me - I like burnt stuff).

So yes, many good things happening at ToTT, the kitchen wonderland. We were just saying it's impossible to walk in and come out empty handed.

ToTT has everything you need to cook, bake and host parties
Basically, like their tagline says, ToTT has everything you need to cook, bake, and host parties. There are lots of cooking classes too. Their demo kitchen is one of the busiest I've seen. This month, along with the sale, there are lots of demo classes at just S$28! Check out the link for more details.

And yes! Parking is free on weekends!

Stay updated for more ToTT events on Facebook.

896 Dunearn Road, #01-01A,
Singapore 589472
Tel: +65 6219-7077

Open daily
Mon - Fri: 11.00am - 9.00pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 10:00am - 9:00pm


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