Sunday, October 5, 2014

ToTT's Taste Challenge, 4th Anniversary Sale, New Products and ToTT Bistro Delicious New Dishes

The ToTT Taste Challenge is back after last year's success
Gosh, we had such fun at the ToTT 4th Anniversary Taste Challenge yesterday. The blindfolded contest had us tasting 20 food ingredients and five dishes. Wow, it was tougher than last year. Some everyday food items had us completely stumped when the element of sight was missing. But that's what makes it fun. The chorus of "Ohhhh!" when each answer was revealed was a hint of how many people were equally baffled.

Last year, I thought I didn't do so well. I had four answers wrong. This year...I got EIGHT wrong! Are my tastebuds getting more confused the more food I eat? Or maybe it's the dreaded age factor - "I can't taste my food anymore!" Haha. But at least the FIJI Water still tasted good.

The winner of the ToTT Taste Challenge got 24 out of 25 answers correct!
The winner was a student. She got 24 out of 25 correct, beating the rest by a wide margin. This year there were three prizes; last year one winner took all.

ToTT's 4th Anniversary sale is now on!
Well, the Taste Challenge may be over, but there's plenty more in ToTT's 4th anniversary celebrations - the anniversary draw, in-store contests, demo classes, S$4 deals with purchases, but most notably, THE SALE! Up to 50% off certain products, and 10% off storewide. This comes but once a year. They also have new products, which I will show you later.

An Airfryer for only $98!
Among the Star Buys is this Mayer AirFryer going for only S$98 (usual price S$299). Check their page for more Star Buys.

Bakeware at 50% off!
Bakers will be delighted to find Nordic Ware heavy gauge aluminium bakeware on half price. KitchenAid stand mixers are going from S$649 (usual price S$1,018).

Zyliss products at half price!
Zyliss tools and Silit pans are also on sale.

Frozen! Food and drink storage containers for the little ones
Gosh, we can't escape Frozen even here.

Up to 50% off certain products at the ToTT annual sale
Looking to upgrade your dinnerware?

New at ToTT! Garnier-Thiebaut stain-proof linen
There are some new products at ToTT. I love the French luxury stain-proof linen from Garnier-Thiebaut. Water rolls right off, and it holds up against stains very well. Some of the designs are lovely.

New at ToTT! Magisso Naturally Cooling Ceramics!
ToTT has also brought in Magisso, the naturally cooling ceramics. Soak the ceramic item in water, and it will stay cool for up to two hours. Champagne cooler, ice bucket, carafe, salad bowl and so on. The surface is beautifully matt and grainy - it takes chalk decorations and writing well!

A very realistic candle for mood lighting without risk of fire

There are these gorgeous candles of different colours (red and green too, good for Christmas) with amazingly realistic artificial flames. All the benefits of mood lighting, but none of the risk of fire. Especially important if you have children or pets.

Meanwhile, ToTT Bistro has got 11 new dishes!

Very good Hokkien prawn noodles with pork rib
The Prawn Noodles Soup (S$12.90) was seriously good. The sweetly savoury broth is intense, and it comes with large prawns and tender pork ribs.

Mee Rebus also lipsmackingly good
The Mee Rebus (S$12.90) is also incredibly moreish. Nice blend of spices in the delicious gravy along with noodles that retain some bite (not soggy).

ToTT has so many wonderful things for cooking, baking and hosting, so the sale is a good time to stock up on quality kitchen essentials, or to go for that coveted cooking gadget. This is a Zoe clip put together on the HTC One Max from HTC Singapore. It puts together highlights of photos and videos along with themed effects and music - and you can easily share it on your social media platforms. I'm still learning all the different filters and remix possibilities!

Stay updated for more ToTT events on Facebook.

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