Monday, February 10, 2014

Grammarly - Powerful Online Grammar Checker!

This is not about food, but a pet peeve.

Do you cringe every time you see a typo or grammatical error, especially in print, signboards, ads and on supposedly reputable websites? What's worse is - each time one of these errors happen, they just encourage future generations of similar mistakes.

Hell, I'm guilty of such boo-boos and sometimes I don't even realise it!

Take for example the word "everyday". Many years ago, a former boss ripped me to pieces for using this to mean "every day", when it actually means something "routine" or "typical". The normally mild-mannered British guy morphed into such a livid monster over this matter, I never forgot this lesson.

Recently my friend told me about Grammarly, an online grammar checker. I wasn't expecting much, but this thing is fast, accurate, powerful and downright humbling! It will check against 250 common grammar rules (some of which is totally Greek to me). It will help you improve your text and even detect plagiarism. It's like having a personal grammar coach.

Seriously, use Grammarly for English proofreading because better a smart computer program sprucing up your work than a cantankerous old boss spitting it back at you.

OK, very happy now. Back to the business of yummy things and splendid travel. 

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